What if?

Last night I put my daughter to bed after a long negotiation. How many books would we read? Would the dog sleep near her head or at her feet? Nightlight on or off? Finally, tucked in, she fell asleep.

I am completely unbiased. She is a beautiful child. She really is! She is also even more beautiful when she is asleep. She looks like a little angel. Once again, I am totally unbiased.

I relish that time when she has just fallen asleep. At that moment, the worries of the day fade and I am reminded of every sweet thing she does. The world seems peaceful.

Of course, the world is not peaceful. News is filled with nastiness. You and I will be disappointed again and again by those we thought of as heroes. Is there anything good left in this world?

Yes, there is good left in this world. In fact, there is a lot of good to go around. Good in unexpected places, from unexpected and complicated people. Perhaps what is good in this world is you and me.

What if we saw ourselves as what was good in this world? We are the ambassadors of good, what would we share about our culture of good? How would others know that they too belong to the kind of kindness? How do we tell them?

Being good, participating in kindness is not a denial of evil or the pain of the world. It is the healing of the world. That is what we do, who we are, and what shall be.


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