Rule of Life

I returned a little over a week ago from a Credo Conference. This was a week-long conference covering Spiritual, Vocational, Financial and Physical health. It is a ministry of the Church Pension Group in the Episcopal Church.

While I was there, we learned about each area of health. It culminated in creating our personal Rule of Life. Perhaps through practicing a “rule of life” one might gain resilience and spark joy in all areas of one’s life. So, I set out to write my rule of life.

I began writing and soon the problem became clear. I was making an excellent list of ideas. Ideas and notions about things I would never enact in my life. Of course I should wake up earlier and exercise. Uh huh, maybe I could also take up looming in my living room, but in reality, this list was just a list.

I had to step away. I took a walk and looked around. I chatted with others at the conference, and it came. The heart of my rule of life is this: “It is okay to be a platypus.” Yep, that is what I wrote.

I hope it makes you laugh. I know it makes me laugh, and it should. A rule of life isn’t a list of rules. Instead it is more like an expression of what you have already known as the truth. The truth is it is okay to be a platypus.

It is okay to not fit perfectly into one category or another. It is okay to be funny and cheerful. It is okay to play and share that with others.

So, there it is. My rule of life wrapped up in a platypus. What’s your rule?


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