Unconditional Love

There is a cute little song that we used to sing at summer camp. The words are: “Give me your unconditional love. The kind of love I deserve. The kind I want share. Uh-oh, uh-oh, oh-oh!” When you sing it, you clap. Next thing you know, you are dancing. Super peppy!

Thinking about this song, I wonder how often we give unconditional love. I wonder how often we receive unconditional love. The truth is we love what is likable.

We love sweet, cuddly puppies. We love smiling babies. We love those people and things that exude pleasantness. It is easy to love a fun personality and good character. What about those things or people who are not easy to love?

Can we love the unlikable? What about loving those who have lousy personalities and terrible character? What if that individual is even hostile and unwilling to love others or themselves? Is love conditioned on whether or not someone can reciprocate?

If I am totally honest, I struggle with loving unconditionally. For that I repent because love is not to be earned with good behavior or won because we are worthy or deserving. Love loves. Love is not based on my opinion or my measuring stick.

I am sure there is someone out there who finds my personality repellent and awful. They might detest my character. There are certainly times in my life I feel totally unlovable and yet I am loved. I am loved not because I do something cute or lovable. I am loved. Thank God, love is not based on condition.

You are loved. I am loved. The unlikable are loved. We are loved not because we are good but because God is good. Whatever the condition, we are loved.


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